VlcVideoFrame Struct Reference

Video frame data container (deprecated) More...

#include <VLCQtCore/VideoFrame.h>

Public Member Functions

 VlcVideoFrame ()
 VlcVideoFrame constructor. More...

Public Attributes

bool inited
unsigned int width
unsigned int height
unsigned int planeCount
QByteArray plane [4]
int pitch [4]
int visiblePitch [4]
int lines [4]
int visibleLines [4]

Detailed Description

Video frame data container (deprecated)

See also
Deprecated since VLC-Qt 1.1, will be removed in 2.0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VlcVideoFrame::VlcVideoFrame ( )

VlcVideoFrame constructor.

This construction ensures default data is set.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int VlcVideoFrame::height

frame height

bool VlcVideoFrame::inited

initialisation status

int VlcVideoFrame::lines[4]

lines count

int VlcVideoFrame::pitch[4]

pitch information

QByteArray VlcVideoFrame::plane[4]

plane data

unsigned int VlcVideoFrame::planeCount

plane count

int VlcVideoFrame::visibleLines[4]

visible lines count

int VlcVideoFrame::visiblePitch[4]

visible pitch information

unsigned int VlcVideoFrame::width

frame width

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