Quickly create a fully functional cross-platform media player


VLC-Qt is a free library used to connect Qt and libvlc libraries. It contains core classes for main media playback and some GUI classes for faster media player developement.

Core Library

Connect to libvlc and control playback. Core enables you to completely control libvlc and all its features. It gives you full control over playback. Widgets and QML classes just simplify communication with core but do not introduce any new features.

Entire libvlc library is completely wrapped into C++/Qt. It still enables multiple instances and/or players at the same time. You can also access libvlc objects for all wrapped functions.

Some of the main features

  • libvlc instance and player
  • single file and playlist playback
  • audio and video control
  • metadata management

Widgets Library

Media players usually need a UI. Widgets part contains several simple, pre-made widgets you can use as superclass:

  • video widget
  • seek widget
  • volume slider
  • audio and video controllers

QML Library

VLC-Qt also contains QML part which provides simple video playback using OpenGL.


Download VLC-Qt packages for your platform.

macOS and Windows

Download stable version 1.1.0:

macOS 10.6 and later (64-bit)

Windows 64-bit (MSVC 2013)
Windows 32-bit (MSVC 2013)
Windows 32-bit (MinGW)

All SDKs are based on Qt 5.6.1 and VLC 2.2.4.

Download other macOS and Windows binaries from GitHub Repository.

Linux packages

Official VLC-Qt packages are available for Ubuntu.

There may be other community packages available in other distributions.


Download the latest source code using:

 git clone git://github.com/vlc-qt/vlc-qt.git 

or visit GitHub Repository.

Help & Support

Trouble building VLC-Qt based applications? Examples and documentation are provided.


There are CMake and qmake based examples available for testing. CMake is recommened as you can detect VLC installation automatically.

You can find examples by browsing examples online repository.


Full library reference is generated for all supported versions and current development branch automatically.

Library reference

Guides and discussions

Guides and discussions are available on Discussions.

Supported OS

VLC-Qt supports Linux, macOS and Windows, other operating systems are not supported. Official packages are available for Ubuntu and Arch Linux.


VLC-Qt being open-source project, any help is welcome

VLC-Qt is free (libre) software. This means that the library source code is available to public, anyone is welcome to research how the library works, participate in its development, freely distribute the library and spread the word!

Report issues

There is always an issue that hides from me. You can help me by reporting it on our Bug tracker.

Code and design

New features and fixes are always welcome. QML support is still considered experimental and an extra hand will speed things up.

You can find more information on the GitHub Repository.


You can always support me by donating for our servers and test hardware.