VlcAbstractVideoStream Class Referenceabstract

Abstract video memory stream. More...

#include <VLCQtCore/AbstractVideoStream.h>

Public Member Functions

void setCallbacks (VlcMediaPlayer *player)
 Set VlcMediaPlayer callbacks. More...
void unsetCallbacks (VlcMediaPlayer *player)
 Unset VlcMediaPlayer callbacks. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void * lockCallback (void **planes)=0
 Lock callback.
virtual void unlockCallback (void *picture, void *const *planes)=0
 Unlock callback.
virtual void displayCallback (void *picture)=0
 Display callback.
virtual unsigned formatCallback (char *chroma, unsigned *width, unsigned *height, unsigned *pitches, unsigned *lines)=0
 Format callback.
virtual void formatCleanUpCallback ()=0
 Format cleanup callback.

Detailed Description

Abstract video memory stream.

VlcAbstractVideoStream is a template class for creating own video rendering engines. Subclass it and implement necessary calbacks.

VLC-Qt 1.1

Member Function Documentation

void VlcAbstractVideoStream::setCallbacks ( VlcMediaPlayer player)

Set VlcMediaPlayer callbacks.

playermedia player
void VlcAbstractVideoStream::unsetCallbacks ( VlcMediaPlayer player)

Unset VlcMediaPlayer callbacks.

playermedia player

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