VlcVideo Member List

This is the complete list of members for VlcVideo, including all inherited members.

aspectRatio() const VlcVideo
cropGeometry() const VlcVideo
scale() const VlcVideo
setAspectRatio(const Vlc::Ratio &ratio)VlcVideo
setCropGeometry(const Vlc::Ratio &ratio)VlcVideo
setDeinterlace(const Vlc::Deinterlacing &filter)VlcVideo
setScale(const Vlc::Scale &scale)VlcVideo
setSubtitle(int subtitle)VlcVideo
setSubtitleFile(const QString &subtitle)VlcVideo
setTeletextPage(int page)VlcVideo
setTrack(int track)VlcVideo
showLogo(const QString &file, int x, int y, int opacity=255)VlcVideo
showMarquee(const QString &text, int x, int y, int timeout=0, int opacity=255, int size=-1, int color=0xFFFFFF, int refresh=0)VlcVideo
size() const VlcVideo
subtitle() const VlcVideo
subtitleCount() const VlcVideo
subtitleDescription() const VlcVideo
subtitleIds() const VlcVideo
takeSnapshot(const QString &path) const VlcVideo
teletextPage() const VlcVideo
track() const VlcVideo
trackCount() const VlcVideo
trackDescription() const VlcVideo
trackIds() const VlcVideo
VlcVideo(VlcMediaPlayer *player)VlcVideoexplicit